Letters to the Editor

One town finds life after military leaves

I lived in a town that lost its military base. It was an Air Force base, and there was only one base in this town of about 10,000.

West of town, the land was sandy and unfit for raising cattle or agriculture. It was very cheap, just a few dollars an acre.

After the base was closed, the land started selling. There was a lot of curiosity about who was buying this undesirable land. Finally, there was an announcement in the newspaper that there would be a meeting at a local theater to reveal the purchaser and answer questions. It was Disney.

When this was disclosed, there was an influx of wealthy investors buying land. Land that had been selling for a few dollars an acre suddenly was selling for thousands of dollars per foot. One motel chain built four motels at one time.

Today, this little town is a large city with some very expensive homes in gated communities. That airport turned out to be a fantastic attraction to industry.

Bill Bailey