Letters to the Editor

Don't blame all on Bush, nor give Obama all credit

I read with amusement the retired finance professor's recent letter.

I won't contradict his numbers. Statistics can be skewed to reflect whatever view you already have decided upon. He gave us a bunch of numbers and percentages but really only repeated this administration's mantra: "It's Bush's fault." President Barack Obama may very well have inherited a less than robust economy, but his policies have failed to improve it, and using the professor's numbers has increased the national debt by several trillion dollars, with unemployment still -- more than three years later -- at 8-plus percent.

Then there's the letter writer who exhorts the ideals of socialism and is proud to be naive about it. Does he ever wonder why socialism has never worked? If socialism is so wonderful, what is he doing living on Hilton Head Island? Move to Europe, and leave America to those of us who believe in free enterprise, small government and a strong national defense. At least be a good comrade and send me some of your money to pay my bills, you know, redistribute your wealth.

Obama once again is using the killing of Osama bin Laden as a political ploy to boost his numbers for re-election. I said it a year ago and it's worth repeating: Giving Obama credit for killing bin Laden is like giving credit to Ronald McDonald for your hamburger. It's the cook, not the clown, that deserves the credit. May God bless SEAL Team Six and their families.

Ray Renneberg