Letters to the Editor

Do what's best for nation in closing military bases

Your recent editorial and stories about the need to do what is necessary to avoid losing any of our military bases in the next round of closures illustrates one reason Washington is unable to do anything serious about reducing spending.

I am sure every state, county and municipality with a military presence is doing the same thing. The same politicians who rant and rave about meaningful spending reductions will be lined up at the "trough" trying to make sure none of the cuts happen in their district or state. Would we not be better served if the details of where the cuts to our defense budget are to take place was a decision left to the career military personnel in the Pentagon? Let the politicians decide how much we can afford. Once the budget has been approved, let the professionals decide what is most important to save and what can be let go.

With everyone fighting to keep what they have in their own backyard, the opportunity to improve our nation's fiscal and economic future will be lost. We should make sure the appropriate people know how wonderful and effective our local military bases are, but I hope the decision about where to spend our available defense dollars is made based on what our nation most needs and not on who is in office or who spent the most on lobbying efforts.

The same scenario is taking place with regard to the U.S. Postal Service. If we don't soon develop the fortitude to put our fiscal house in order, we will one day discover it is too late and will certainly wish we had done so.

Robert Davison

Sun City Hilton Head