Letters to the Editor

Don't look to Bush to explain all problems

If there was ever a question that liberal college professors would massage the facts to fit their liberal bias, all doubt was removed by a recent letter writer.

Clearly, former Present George W. Bush was a big spender. But the spending by President Barack Obama makes Bush's spending look like lunch money. In three and a half years, the national debt under Obama has increased three times faster than under Bush. And Obama's projected deficits will position us right next to Greece. The professor also forgets to mention that the subprime lending crisis was caused by the desire of the left that everyone should have a house, regardless of ability to pay. I wonder what the professor thinks about Obama's campaigning on a non-issue like student loan rates, while ignoring more bad news on Social Security and Medicare.

But of course, he shouldn't be surprised; Obama will never come up with a plan to deal with entitlements as it might offend some voters.

But the most egregious statement was that Bush lied to get us into two wars plus the war on terror. Either the professor was on vacation on Sept. 11, 2001, or he thinks it was an inside job. I really don't have an opinion on student loan rates, but the students who took classes from this professor deserve a refund.

Richard Courreges

Callawassie Island