Letters to the Editor

Zero net immigration no reason not to act

"Net immigration from Mexico has plummeted to zero thanks to changing demographic and economic conditions on both sides of the border," according to the Wall Street Journal on April 25.

That said, our federal government needs to take three immediate proactive steps to further address our country's lax immigration policies and encourage once again the "melting pot" reputation that was instrumental in making our country a world leader:

  • Washington must strictly enforce its laws, starting with E-Verify, which requires employers to make specific checks before hiring a worker.
  • Washington needs to encourage and allow states, such as Arizona and South Carolina, to assist our federal government by allowing them to enforce their recently enacted illegal immigration laws that address undocumented workers in their state. Our federal government has taken these states to court in an attempt to declare the state laws unconstitutional.
  • Washington must accelerate the process for admitting qualified, legal immigrants to America, with particular emphasis on expediting those skilled workers who are desperately needed in many industries.
  • Earle Everett

    Moss Creek