Letters to the Editor

Obama's record issue for 2012 campaign

Recently, we heard a few curious yet revealing statements from President Barack Obama's campaign and its surrogates.

First, David Axelrod, Obama's chief political strategist wanted to talk about Mitt Romney's dog in a pet carrier on top of the family car during a vacation 29 years ago, but then hushed up when the passage from Obama's book about his eating dog meat in Indonesia was brought up.

Next, another Obama surrogate played the Mormon card and wondered whether women would mind that Romney's great-grandfather (who died in 1904) had more than one wife.

That trial balloon sank when we learned that Obama's father, grandfather and great-grandfather, following the Muslim tradition, all had multiple wives.

All of this shows how desperate Obama's campaign has become. These distractions were floated to keep us from talking about the fact that 2 million fewer Americans have jobs than when Obama took office. Also, home ownership has dropped to record lows.

In the speech accepting his nomination in 2008, Obama said, "We measure progress by how many people can find a job that pays the mortgage." Obama has failed his own test of success.

Obama's failure to meet the benchmarks he set to measure success of his administration should be the prime issue of this campaign. And if time permits, we should discuss the disaster in foreign policy that looms over us.

Let's not get distracted with Obama's dog-eating, family polygamist past.

Michael Miller