Letters to the Editor

George W. Bush not the one to blame

To the gentleman writing that former President George W. Bush is the source of this country's woes: National debt has climbed exponentially since President Barack Obama took office. Obama has allowed the national debt to climb from $10.7 trillion to $15.6 trillion. It will climb even more should his projects get passed. He is willing to spend more to fix a little.

The collapse of subprime lending is due to Americans living outside of our means. The housing market rose so sharply that people put themselves into homes they couldn't afford, using balloon loans. Go figure; the market collapsed. I was 24 at the time and knew it was going to happen.

Unemployment has not declined but gone up. Currently, it is at 8.2 percent, but this is after the Bureau of Labor took 1 million jobs out of the equation in February.

As far as the war goes, I have lived it in person. Bush already had an exit strategy set and Obama just carried it out. I give him no credit for the exit.

It doesn't take a professor to figure this out.

Jacob Storey

Port Royal