Letters to the Editor

Romney has proved his turnaround skills

One of President Barack Obama's promises was that he would unite our country.

This promise and many others never came to fruition. In the next six months, Obama will further divide our country with class warfare rhetoric between rich and poor. He will say Mitt Romney was born with a silver spoon and intimate he shouldn't be president because he is a millionaire. Since when is it a crime in a capitalist society to be successful?

The following is a tale of two venture capitalists. A venture capitalist invests in small start-up firms with above-average risk. Obama became a venture capitalist with taxpayer money and no experience investing billions in companies, such as Fister, Solyndra, Beacon Power, Evergreen Solar, SpectraWatt, AES Eastern Energy, SunPower, Nevada Geothermal and First Solar. According to CBS, these companies have filed or will be filing for bankruptcy, losing billions of taxpayer dollars and thousands of jobs. Additionally, principals in these companies are Obama cronies, contributing to his 2008 campaign.

Mitt Romney invested millions of his own money and through his knowledge and past business experience was able to restructure failing companies into successful, profitable, thriving companies employing thousands. Some of his successes are Dynamic Steel Co., Sports Authority and Staples. Who would you want to handle our failing economy? Obama who spent a trillion dollars with no successes or Romney with experience, turning around a failing Olympics and successes in companies who are still thriving, employing thousands.

Vince Sgroi