Letters to the Editor

Columnists hit the mark on Bloomberg and golf

There were two wonderful columns in the April 22 newspaper.

The first was written by the noted columnist Thomas L. Friedman, who makes a terrific case that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg could give both political parties a "jolt" by running as an independent candidate. He is straight-talking, socially moderate and fiscally conservative. The mayor would be able to challenge both announced candidates in debates. Otherwise, it will come down to the Democratic and Republican candidates bashing each other.

The other column was written by our own David Lauderdale. He chastises Mitt Romney for his continued long-running rant against golf.

Hey Mitt, golf is a $2.7 billion annual business in South Carolina and it produces 35,000 jobs, and yet golf play is sliding downward across the U.S. The golf game lost 400,000 players over the past year. It is a big part of our economy, so pick up your ball. You are out of the hole.

Charles M. Mitchell