Letters to the Editor

Make sure taxpayers get their money's worth

The loss of Lowcountry Consulting to the reinvented Lowcountry Economic Alliance is good news.

In various forms, the taxpayers have poured, dare I say, more than a million dollars into variously named groups with basically the same players with basically the same results. When are we going to say enough is enough? I have no problem with priming the pump, but coming up with a dry well time after time tells me it's time to try a different hole in the ground.

Also, with county administrator Gary Kubic not on the alliance board he is able to give unbiased opinions on whether our tax dollars are being well spent, another plus for taxpayers.

Giving this alliance a blank check is not what is needed. Just because it's called a nonprofit doesn't mean that some people aren't getting rich off of our tax dollars. Before our council enters into an agreement, we should require funds be audited very closely with an eye toward abuse. Paying for anyone (but me) to fly off on junkets with no results needs to end. Spending more than $300,000 a year is not chump change to most of us. Council should research the return on the dollar that other states, counties and cities get from these so-called experts to bring in business. We need to attract more consulting companies; we sure spend enough money on them.

Low taxes and a business friendly government will have businesses searching for us, not the opposite.

James Scott