Letters to the Editor

Definition of socialism doesn't sound so bad

I've been reading so much negative stuff about President Barack Obama and his "plans" to make America a "socialist" country.

I'm also reading John LeCarre in a novel dealing with socialism. In the novel, socialism is defined as an "attempt to wipe the human slate clean, to cleanse man of his prejudices, greed, class, envy, racism, hatred, aggression, superstition and craving for property and power." He goes on to say that the end product would be "a harmonious society, brotherly love, natural sharing and mutual respect."

It made me think, what is it that these "anti-socialists" find so vile in this philosophy. It actually sound pretty darn good to me, pretty Utopian, but maybe I'm just naive. If I am, I'm glad I am.

Jim Grover

Hilton Head Island