Letters to the Editor

Romney targets Obama, not the golf business

It was disappointing to see a local column in the April 22 newspaper shift the focus of a comment by Mitt Romney criticizing the number of hours devoted by President Barack Obama to golf to an attack on the game of golf.

Romney said nothing that would negate the importance of golf to South Carolina and to the many jobs associated with the sport. The column, however, misrepresented Romney's comments to be an attack on the economy by stating, "When Romney slams golf, he's slamming American people trying to work."

Romney's comments very clearly pertained to one person and one person only, the president. With the country's spiraling debt; recent scandals, such as "Fast and Furious," the General Services Administration's lavish spending and the Secret Service fiasco; coupled with unbridled spending and inflationary increases in such staples as gasoline and food, most Americans would prefer more consideration by the president to pressing issues and less to a leisure activity.

I suggest in the future comments taken out of context and then slanted for seemingly political purposes be restricted to the editorial page.

Robert Green

Hilton Head Island