Letters to the Editor

Obama's energy policies have hurt, not helped us

When Barack Obama became president, gas was $1.86 per gallon. Today, it's about $4 a gallon.

Anyone who doesn't think Obama's policies contributed to higher gas prices has been living at the North Pole. A letter dated April 17 claims Obama's energy policies have been good for the country. This is far from the truth. It appears as if Obama increased oil production because he's taken credit for drilling permits approved under former President George W. Bush. (Obama was sued by oil companies for slowing the procedure to issue drilling permits).

Obama has taken credit for oil production on private lands; oil production on government land decreased due to his lack of issuing permits and his moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. His veto of the Keystone pipeline from Canada is another contributing factor. It would have provided oil and generated tens of thousands of jobs.

A mild winter and families who can't afford $4-a-gallon gas is the reason for reduced gas consumption in 2011. It's not important to seniors and poor families, who are trying to cope with today's escalating prices, that cars and trucks will get 55 mpg in 2025.

I also commend the tea party and U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson for distributing copies of our Constitution to students. I was shocked by a recent letter. If anyone thinks students will read the Constitution on the Internet, I have a statue called Liberty for sale.

Lee Sgroi