Letters to the Editor

Too few bicyclists heed stop signs while riding

I couldn't agree more with a recent letter writer who decried the unwillingness of bicycle riders to come to a stop at stop signs. This has been one of my pet peeves for a long time.

The other day, while driving north on Sun City Boulevard, I witnessed what could have been a very serious accident at the intersection of Argent Way. Traffic had come to a complete stop, to allow a large sport utility vehicle to make a left turn into Argent Way. As the SUV began its turn, two bicycle riders, a man and a woman who were riding one behind the other, shot across the intersection without a semblance of a stop. It was as if the stop sign was not there. If not for the alert driver of the SUV, there could have been serious consequences. Even more questionable was that one of Sun City Hilton Head's security officers was waiting to come out of Argent Way, and after the bicycle riders went flying through the intersection, his vehicle crossed Sun City Boulevard without so much as a second glance at the bicycle riders.

In this case, had there been an accident, I question who would have been at fault. Riding a bicycle is great exercise, but I see so many riders riding with their heads down, not looking anywhere but at the ground, as if there were a large pothole to be avoided. I recall seeing just one bicyclist coming to a complete stop at a stop sign in the years I have been living in Sun City, a pretty poor record. I think an opportunity is being missed for Sun City to add to its coffers by not enforcing the law.

Wally Slate

Sun City Hilton Head