Letters to the Editor

Don't give up voting for treasurer, auditor

Recently, Beaufort County Council voted to hold a referendum on whether the positions of treasurer and auditor should continue to be filled by the election process or become appointed positions.

This is a direct insult to Doug Henderson, the newly elected treasurer, and to all of the voters in Beaufort County. It is most important that voters remember the chaos that existed in the Treasurer's Office before he stepped up to oppose the incumbent, who had allowed the irregularities to continue for years. Henderson obtained nearly 10,000 petition signatures, which allowed him to be an independent candidate and won a smashing victory, receiving more than 28,000 votes.

He took office less than four months ago and already has illustrated his ability to be a man of action.

County Council is trying to remove voters' rights. It appears to me that this is an effort to install cronyism. For 16 years, County Council did nothing to alleviate errors in the Treasurer's Office, and now it wants to appoint officeholders.

Do not lose the right to elect county officials. Oppose the council's effort to appoint them.

Charles M. Mitchell