Letters to the Editor

Precedent has been set for hugging president

Congratulations to Ida Martin for White House recognition of her incredible mission to the underprivileged at Bluffton Self Help.

But she wonders whether it is appropriate to hug the president? Let me assure her that the president's wife established a new precedent when she hugged the queen of England.

All the world knows you do not hug Madam Queen. You only speak to her when she speaks to you first, you never touch her and even when she offers her hand to you for a shake, you only clasp it and do not shake. (Too many shakes are not kind to her arms.)

But the president's wife established a new protocol, and it is now admissible to hug anybody. So my dear Miss Ida, (with whom I have some nodding acquaintance and admiration) never fear. Go ahead and hug all you want. The president can hardly complain after his wife's performance.

Elinore Dobson