Letters to the Editor

Jobs wouldn't recognize protesters' capitalism

The Oct. 9 editorial cartoon paid tribute to Steve Jobs, but the Packet's Oct. 10 front-page story about the Wall Street protesters was as different as night and day.

Jobs began his career as an entrepreneur in his family's garage, working on his ideas that led to the founding of his company, Apple Computers.

Now Apple sells its products worldwide, and this company employs thousands of workers.

Jobs it seems, was the poster boy for capitalism at its very best.

From some of the Wall Street protesters' signs, it looks like they want to do away with capitalism as we now know it, and replace it with the George Soros' form of capitalism.

Perhaps Soros' form of capitalism is based on Louisiana Gov. Huey Long's idea of a capitalist state, where "every man is a king!"

As a U.S. senator, Long pushed his "share our wealth" society. He wanted to place ceilings on personal incomes, private fortunes and inheritances. Income over $8 million would be taxed 100 percent, and the government could confiscate all inheritances over $1 million.

I hope Soros' idea of capitalism means that everyone will have a high-paying job because one unemployed protester told his TV interviewer that he would never go to work for only $7 an hour.

I doubt that Jobs ever paid himself $7 an hour while he was "tinkering" in his garage.

George Breslaw

Hilton Head Island