Letters to the Editor

County should recoup cost of sale auctioneer

While not being a blogger myself, I happened to come across some comments submitted about the recent Beaufort County tax sale.

I was impressed with some of them, and it occurred to me that we should pursue a return on our $7.50 investment per sale for the auctioneer.

Shouldn't we add that amount to the sale price, should the sale actually take effect? If the owners who are at risk of losing the property come through with the full payment (thus redeeming it for themselves), then it should cost them an extra $7.50 per property for the time and expense imposed on the taxpayers.

Of course, this may already be the procedure in place, as I have not previously been involved in the process, thank the good Lord.

I also think it would be prudent to allow competitive bidding from the various professional auctioneers in order to lower the rate per sale. In an ironic twist, these folks would be placed on the other side of the auction block, and it would be a fair way to select the low bidder. That selection should be in the hands of a committee.

Bill Smith

Sun City Hilton Head