Letters to the Editor

Excuse-making shows Obama can't be trusted

Rarely a week goes by that I don't read something that reminds me how badly "hope" and "change" turned out.

We continue to see Attorney General Eric Holder's feet being held to the fire for the fiasco called "Fast and Furious," which allowed guns to cross the border and get into the hands of drug cartels.

Despite growing evidence to the contrary, the Justice Department still denies Holder's knowledge of the program and points out that there was a similar program during the Bush years.

Can you recall the Obama campaign insisting during the 2008 election that they were going to use the Bush administration as an example of how to do things? I don't. I seem to recall Obama's position being that "all things Bush" were bad. Our next president would have new and better ideas.

Now every time this administration gets caught with its hands in the "cookie jar," it's OK because the Bush administration did it, too.

What they said in 2008 was deceiving. Why should we believe them now?

Richard Geraghty

Hilton Head Island