Letters to the Editor

For all government does, raise my taxes to help

I am a retired, middle-class American and grateful for all the privileges that brings. I am thankful for all the services our government provides in areas such as transportation, security, food inspection, education and health care. Now our government is in trouble and needs our help.

Recently, because of a cancer diagnosis, I had to undergo expensive medical treatment. Because of a wonderful program like Medicare, I was able to receive excellent care and not have to suffer financial distress. Recently, I drove to the airport on a well-maintained road and then felt safe on the airplane because I knew it and the passengers had been thoroughly checked. Later, while having lunch at a restaurant, I relaxed knowing that the food and kitchens had passed health inspections. The list of successful government programs that protect us is endless, and I am thankful for each of them.

Now our government is in trouble and needs our help. Please raise my taxes. The idea of balancing the budget strictly by cutting services and not raising taxes is dangerous and fallacious. I don't want our tremendous debt to be passed on to our children and grandchildren. We can all help. Anyone who can't pay can do community service, such as helping in the schools or cleaning the environment. We all need to rise to the occasion and be part of the solution.

Charlie McOuat

Hilton Head Island