Letters to the Editor

'Winning' school vote doesn't make it right

Now that the immediate battle is over, I offer my congratulations to six Beaufort County Board of Education members (Fred Washington Jr., Bill Evans, Julie Bell, Laura Bush, George Wilson and Wayne Carbiener) and Superintendent Valerie Truesdale.

They have succeeded in closing Shell Point Elementary School and graduating fourth-graders from Shanklin, Broad River and Shell Point elementary schools to Robert Smalls Middle School. I still feel this is a sad mistake that our young students in one small area will pay for to provide a small benefit to the entire school district.

Thank you members Steven Morello, Earl Campbell, Michael Rivers, Herbert Burnes and Ronald Speaks for recognizing the value of a great, 42-year-old neighborhood elementary school and keeping our elementary students where they belong.

The benefits the school district will gain are small, and the costs to this community are great. Is it really a victory worth celebrating? Should we really be amazed that 45 percent of the board members tried to prevent this from being done? Both answers are "no," and the only reason these motions were passed is because the Shell Point community is small and unable to defend itself against the entire county.

I hope the superintendent will not continue this action, attacking small communities one at a time in order to achieve more small victories that do little to solve the real budget issues. A real plan is needed.

Carl W Joye III