Letters to the Editor

Compare work product of Obama, House GOP

Since Jan. 23, 2009, President Barack Obama has accomplished the following for the American people:

  • Passed universal health care. Its focus is on preventive care. It covers 32 million more people and reduces the deficit by an estimated $1.3 trillion.
  • Financial industry reform. Corrects industry problems that created the recession.
  • Stimulus package. Saved three major car companies and more than 1.5 million jobs; saved thousands of public sector jobs for teachers, police, etc.; and prevented another depression.
  • Implemented education reforms, "Race to the Top" and other state and local reforms.
  • Reached agreement with Russia and other countries on nuclear nonproliferation.
  • Lifted restrictions on embryonic stem cell research.
  • Overhauled food safety laws under the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Installed sweeping changes to credit card industry, helping consumers.
  • Expanded the State Children's Health Program.
  • Since January, the Republican majority in the House has wasted time passing bills that:

  • Repeal the health care law and all its funding.
  • Reduce the power of the Consumer Protection Agency.
  • Reduce regulations under the Clean Water Act.
  • Reduce the powers of the National Labor Relations Board.
  • Reduce regulations under the Clean Air Act.
  • None of these pandering, politically motivated bills has become law. The comparison speaks for itself.

    Philip W. Wolfe