Letters to the Editor

Critics of the rich bite hands that feed them

As the election cycle heats up, a staple of any incompetent politician's playbook is to rail against the "rich."

Since there are more people with limited financial means, it is always possible to energize this base by being critical of the achievers in American society.

You all know the "evil rich," don't you? They are the people who build hospitals, support every charity under the sun, endow every major university in America with seemingly unlimited funds, while simultaneously building classrooms and dormitories and keeping afloat local community activities ,such as the Bluffton Boys and Girls Club. They enable every city in America to offer its residents an arts program through their donations and contributions.

It's a toss up as to which group is more disingenuous, the politicians like our president, who has fundraising dinners at $50,000 per plate, or the university crowd who preach about the evils of capitalism in their classrooms while clamoring for donations from wealthy and successful alumni.

Every affluent person that I have met in my life has gotten so through hard work, sacrifice and perseverance. Successful businesses aren't built overnight, and the journey is often defined by extraordinary challenges. The people who "make it" certainly deserve what they earn.

Instead of pandering to the masses by tearing down the efforts of America's achievers, why don't these politicians try to rein in their own fiscal irresponsibility? I guess it's simply easier to criticize the hand that feeds you.

Kevin Baruth