Letters to the Editor

News out of Washington hardly encouraging for us

Obama "sarcastic, demanding, partisan" at his news conference; "Reid changes Senate rules in rarely used precedent"; "Head of Solyndra loan program to step down" were some of the online news headlines for the morning of Oct. 7.

Where is the open, bipartisan government promised by the Obama administration? Who will they blame next? How much more of your tax dollars will they foolishly spend?

On the same day President Barack Obama called for the approval of his "jobs" bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid used a little known Senate rule to stop the Republicans from bringing the bill to a vote in the Senate. Why? Could it be that the Democrats would be the ones saying "no"?

You decide about Solyndra. Payback for votes bought or a very bad decision?

Peter Ungaro

Hilton Head Island