Letters to the Editor

We won't find solutions in government spending

I want a large, spectacularly appointed house on the beach. Since I can't afford it, I want someone to give me one, pay the taxes and also make the insurance payments.

Living within my affordability level is so vexing that I need somebody else to pick up the tab for a lifestyle I can't afford, but feel I deserve. Furthermore education, health care and my mortgage should be paid by those fat cats that scam us, earn too much and want to keep what they make. Power to the people.

Unfortunately, far too many of us would agree with these outlandish sentences. The U.S. is tanking financially. We are facing fierce international competition, and our young are falling behind educationally. Forty percent of the newly born are born to single women, and most probably will be poor. The service economy is a joke, and unless we regain our industrial base, we'll be "serving" as maids and janitors to these tough competitors.

Marching on Wall Street and begging the government to save us are fruitless exercises because the cream has been skimmed, and there isn't much left. It's time for setting priorities, living within our means and hard work. Vote.

Peter F. Zych

Hilton Head Island