Letters to the Editor

Jobs bill funnels money to repay union supporters

I remember thinking at the time of the first stimulus package that these were not bills that would create jobs, but were big pork bills that were just means of giving taxpayer money to the unions.

The results to date show that most of the stimulus money went to the unionized teachers, police, firefighters and other municipal unionized workers. This was not to create jobs but to allow these profligate government employee unions to continue to pay their employees for another year and not lay off some of them. Oh yes, as a bonus, the unions received their dues automatically. This was really a money-laundering scheme for President Barack Obama to pay back his union supporters with taxpayer money.

And then we come to this year when, of course, these same states have no money for yet another year of bloat. The president's "jobs" bill gives these same states more taxpayer money so they can go for another year of bloat, with the unions getting their share of this bloat. This is not a jobs bill; it is a let's launder some more taxpayer money to Obama union supporters.

The same goes for his infrastructure rebuilding. That gives money to infrastructure jobs, which by law have to be union jobs, again, with the union fees being automatically deducted. I guess it would be more appropriate to call these bills Obama's "money-laundering" bills.

Bill Covell

Sun City Hilton Head