Letters to the Editor

Rezoning to commercial affects nearby residents

Let me quote the Hilton Head Island planners' working notes of Aug. 4, "Light levels for commercial parking lots are not high enough. Even though there may be light there, it isn't bright enough -- safety concern."

I have two issues prompted by this. The first is that there may be too many commercial centers being rezoned, and they will require high-intensity lighting for safety. This will affect the sustainability and aesthetics of Hilton Head Island and the development of a "green" comprehensive plan. Will we require high-intensity lighting at Main Street, Shelter Cove Harbour, etc.?

The second issue I have is the rezoning of a commercial center where there also is residential property. The high-intensity lighting required for safety at a commercial center is not compatible with mixed-use areas.

In particular, I would like to call your attention to the three parcels at South Island Square. The town planners approved rezoning these properties to commercial center to increase their marketability, even though they border Palmetto Dunes residential properties, including mine.

I am against rezoning South Island Square as a commercial center. I urge Town Council to vote Nov. 1 to keep South Island Square zoned as an office district. It will become more marketable as the nearby Mall at Shelter Cove site becomes more commercially active; a rising tide lifts all boats.

Joann S. Binkley

Hilton Head Island