Letters to the Editor

Make sure town's plan for river gets job done

Once again, I must ask the people of Bluffton to take part in a town meeting.

The meeting is being held to solicit public comment on how to fix the problems of the May River. It will be at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Law Enforcement Center in Buckwalter Place

As a member of various committees created by the town to address the degradation of our river, I realize now is the critical time to voice our concerns.

We have done a lot to push our elected officials to come up with a plan for restoration and renewal; this meeting will address how our town is going to accomplish this much-needed action. It should include using transfer of development rights to make sure new development occurs in the right place for the health of the May River. We cannot simply engineer our way out of this problem.

If this plan is not done correctly, in my opinion, as well as in the opinion of respected scientists, such as Fred Holland, we are going to lose our estuaries, not only to oyster harvesting, but also to swimming and eating fish from the May River.

I certainly hope you will respond by attending this important meeting and holding our elected officials' feet to the fire to insure they keep their promise that "it's all about the river."

Jimmy McIntire