Letters to the Editor

Northern end of county needs league of its own

Two recent stories highlighted the important work of the League of Women Voters of Hilton Head Island/Bluffton: The league's efforts increase voter turnout in Bluffton and its sponsorship of a well-attended presentation by a panel of experts on land and water preservation.

Both are important, patriotic activities.

As many already know, this non-partisan organization performs important services. So it is imperative that we understand that we are now without their services in our community north of the Broad River.

In a conversation with the president of the Hilton Head-Bluffton league, we learned that the Hilton Head chapter had recently expanded to include Bluffton. What was surprising to learn was that the northern Beaufort County chapter had lapsed and is now inactive.

With the contentious state of our political environment, it is more important than ever to have a steady, bi-partisan hand in our discourse.

To borrow from the Marines: Wanted, a few good women (and men) to revitalize the League of Women Voters in northern Beaufort County.

There is committed support available from south of the Broad and the state and national organizations. This is an important vacancy with an election year on our doorstep, and we encourage everyone interested to express their willingness to participate and perhaps lead.

We have had some encouraging responses through list-serve solicitations and would welcome your participation at gkathitide@islc.net.

George Johnston

Dataw island