Letters to the Editor

Name change waste of money, time, support

Would you believe that the University of South Carolina Beaufort has recently signed an $85,000 contract for market research concerning a name change?

Why? For what benefit?

Here are reasons to keep the name:

  • USCB was founded in downtown Beaufort, which is nationally recognized for its history and beauty.
  • How many qualified students could receive scholarships during this economic downturn from the $85,000 to be wasted?
  • Beaufort County taxpayers issued bonds to construct facilities for the USCB and the Technical College of the Lowcountry campuses on U.S. 278; $75 million of funding is diverted from school and county operations to retire these bonds. Now USCB wants to insult Beaufort taxpayers by considering a change in name.
  • Beaufort provides other major support. A committee recently raised funds for more than 50 scholarships for a new arts program at the Beaufort campus.
  • There will be many more costs for sign changes, new stationery and who knows what else. Have these been considered?
  • Apparently, USCB's administration and board think a name change is more important than using available funds for education and community enrichment.

    Jim Bequette

    Lady's Island