Letters to the Editor

Lowering speed limit won't speed up vehicles

I cannot believe that any intelligent human being thinks lowering a speed limit would make a street more dangerous. Perhaps the state Department of Transportation's Mark Besbit was misquoted in the Sept. 26 Gazette, saying that if you lower the speed limit on Pigeon Point Road, more people will exceed the limit, therefore making it more dangerous.

Most drivers everywhere tend to go a little over the limit. Drivers now averaging 32.74 mph on Pigeon Point Road (which is too fast) are exceeding the 30 mph limit. If the limit were 25 mph, drivers would not start averaging 36; they would probably average 28 mph. How is that increasing the danger?

If the state will not lower speed limits "unless there are numerous accidents," we have waited too long. This is ridiculous.

Daniel H. Daniels