Letters to the Editor

Marines, families paying for new air station gym

In response to the letter writer who raised concerns about the new gym planned for Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.

No tax dollars are being used for this project. This facility comes under the Marine Corps Community Services. MCCS generates money from sales at the PX, food courts, recreation facilities, equipment rentals, day care, etc. A certain percentage of this money is kept on the base where it is generated and another percentage is passed up the chain into a general fund, where all MCCS organizations submit requests for major projects.

When a new day-care facility is required or a new gym is needed the money comes from this fund. MCCS takes 100 percent of the money that is generated from Marines and their families and returns it to them through the building and maintenance of facilities, intramural sports programs, salaries, libraries, pools, etc. MCCS even provides a complete sports and recreational package, as well as setting up and running small PX's for Marines deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. All at no cost to the taxpayer.

So you can relax a little knowing that the $12.9 million facility is not a waste of our taxes, and we can take some satisfaction knowing that the money will be going to local construction jobs.

Clint F. Kreuser