Letters to the Editor

Turn reporting skills to Treasurer's Office

I have read over the past few weeks about the problems regarding Strive to Excel.

Although I commend the newspaper on its reporting and fact-finding, I cannot help but wonder why an issue of greater importance that affects all Beaufort County taxpayers goes unnoticed.

I have seen recently that our county treasurer wished to "outsource" bank deposits. Now, I read that he "outsourced" the auctioneer services for the annual county tax sale. This has never been done before nor was it needed in the past. At what point do we begin to ask questions about spending our money on employees and outsourcing? When do we question our newly elected treasurer and his staff about their competency and ability to manage our tax dollars?

While outsourcing is sometimes necessary and beneficial, it seems that with the late-fee amnesty, outsourcing and time on the county payroll before being sworn in, our new treasurer has greatly surpassed any amount we have lost in the past in less than four months.

My only hope is that the newspaper uses its fine reporting skills to see exactly where else our tax dollars have been wasted by this office and its staff. Thank you in advance.

Michelle Knapp