Letters to the Editor

District gives teachers a chance to learn, too

The following Latin proverb expresses my thoughts about learning: "By learning, you will teach; by teaching, you will learn."

I consider myself fortunate to spend my days learning with young children at Mossy Oaks Elementary School. As a literacy intervention teacher, my objective is to assist young readers in becoming proficient in their ability to read and to instill a love for learning in each of their warm, sensitive hearts. I am also very fortunate to be employed by a school district where learning truly leads the way. I am grateful to the Beaufort County School District for providing an abundance of relevant learning opportunities and professional development right here in Beaufort County. The district is a brilliant place to teach and learn.

On Sept. 24, I, along with 250 or so other teachers from around the state, attended the ActivCarolinas Conference at Bluffton Middle School. The district joined with Promethean to provide a conference that was dedicated to the use of Promethean technology in the classroom. The presenters were amazing; especially our own teachers. My day was filled with learning, and I made it home in time to attend Mass with my family and enjoy their company at dinner. As it turned out, I even had time to share my new techno-logic with my 8-year-old daughter. It was a day well spent.

Therese M. Plair