Letters to the Editor

U.S. 278 well overdue for needed maintenance

Traveling eastbound and westbound on U.S. 278, one gets the feeling that Beaufort and Jasper counties do not wish to improve or repair the road.

With most of the visitors to Hilton Head Island using that road, one would think that the tourism industry and the powers-that-be on the island would be avidly pursuing getting that job done. Since I use that road almost daily to get to and from stores and part-time work, it is very annoying, and at times, not very safe.

The stretch of highway from Sun City Hilton Head eastbound to Hampton Parkway is filled with potholes and uneven stretches. I do not think that just filling the holes will solve the problem, but it would be a great start. Many cars on the highway today are not kept up to manufacturer's standards due to the economy, and I often feel when I am traveling near them, that any one of the potholes could send them out of control enough to cause damage to someone else in the vicinity.

We need to keep these well-used roads in better condition. Aren't we paying a large enough gas tax already? We do not seem to be getting our money's worth.

Lance L. Johnson Jr.