Letters to the Editor

Online comments offer some interesting reading

I, like many in Beaufort County, have been following with great interest the stories about the improprieties that have occurred with the school-affiliated program Strive to Excel.

There have been several on this matter, numerous blogs (Match Point, Homeroom and Inside Pages), and a few letters to the editor, both pro and con, about the program's current state.

Having been out of South Carolina for some time, I have taken to reading The Island Packet online to keep up with community matters.

In reading these stories on line, I have become exposed to the "comment" section that follows these stories, blogs and letters to the editor. Simply put, what makes it to print in hard copy in The Island Packet barely scratches the surface of these stories; the revelations that come forth in the comments are overwhelming. Reading online and following the comments is, as Paul Harvey used to say, "the rest of the story."

I invite print newspaper readers to try it online, too. You might be quite surprised at how much you have been missing.

Buck Creighton

Hilton Head Island