Letters to the Editor

Bluffton right to weigh public input on river plan

Things are looking up for the May River. So many dedicated people are giving their time and resources to see that the May is given the very best protection possible.

It is especially good news that the town of Bluffton is taking the time necessary to fully incorporate feedback from the draft May River Action Plan. Both the May River Waterbody Implementation Committee and Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee suggested that the findings of studies by Fred Holland and Denise Sanger be more fully addressed in the action plan. Those studies found that a transfer of development rights program in the Bluffton area could contribute significantly to reducing future pollution in the May.

Initially, this plan was on a fast track, and we are so grateful that the town is now slowing down to "fully address these comments and incorporate them into the plan," according to a news release. Too often public comment period is superficial and rushed. It is impressive and laudable that the town is deliberately slowing down and pursuing this thoughtful, more meaningful incorporation of public input, particularly that of their own committees.

Holland generously donated his time and energy to help us solve the problems in our river. The town is showing appreciation for that contribution by listening and acting on his suggestions. Those of us who live so closely with the May look forward to seeing the new draft, with plenty of reading material on transfer of development rights.

Laura Floyd