Letters to the Editor

Residents should rally to save Moss Creek oak

Shame on Beaufort County for granting permission to remove a 200-year-old oak from the Moss Creek golf course.

In 1976, Tom Fazio designed the Moss Creek golf course. When the plans were approved by the county, the golf course was designed around the tree -- a gift of nature, free shade to shelter golfers from the hot, smoldering days on the golf course, a beautiful, magnificent oak tree to be admired and looked upon with wonder.

How shallow and self-centered are the people who want this 200-year-old oak to be cut down because it prevents grass from growing on the greens, because it is an inconvenience that somehow prevents them from having a great day on the golf course.

Shame on all who support removing this old oak tree. I sincerely hope that the people of Beaufort County will unite and say "no" to the removal of this tree and tell officials there has to be a better solution. Look a little deeper and harder to save this tree, Mother Nature's hole in one.

Flo Wilder

Middlesboro, Ky.