Letters to the Editor

GOP, tea party must unite to defeat Obama

The tea party is the inevitable and timely reaction to an administration gone wild and a failed government.

This political movement, a manifestation of the festering discontent of millions of Americans, represents an effort to reverse this country's march toward socialistic mediocrity. Speaking for the hard-working Americans who shoulder the brunt of this administration's assault on their lives, it has quickly become a force with which to be reckoned.

From this effort, however, comes talk of permanent third party. While seen as the solution to millions of frustrated, angry Americans, let's examine where it leads us in this election cycle. The sole focus of all Americans and businesses suffering under this current regime, must be the repudiation and repeal of the last three years. Accomplishing this requires combining the best ideas of the Republican and tea parties under one banner. A third party would dilute the anti-Obama vote and most assuredly result in his re-election.

The Ross Perot phenomenon in 1992 comes to mind. Bill Clinton, with Perot's entry, defeated George H.W. Bush with only 43 percent of the vote. I strongly doubt at this juncture, that the tea party as an independent third entity could defeat President Barack Obama.

His re-election, even without support of the House and Senate, will insure more czars, surreptitious executive orders, vetoes and further long-term damage. He'll have nothing to lose.

Don Maresca

Sun City Hilton Head