Letters to the Editor

Proposed landing fees not onerous for pilots

Hilton Head Island Airport is unsustainable without an infusion of money from Beaufort County's general fund.

As of June 2011, the airport owes the county about $1.6 million. Yet private plane owners are opposed to paying a $10 landing fee.

If the airport is a profitable facility, as some suggest, why doesn't it repay the county for the loans it has received over the years? Those funds could be used for the benefit of the entire island population by reinstating lost services and addressing basic county needs.

On Sept. 26, the Packet reported that the state Department of Natural Resources will increase license fees "as a fair way for those who use the states woods and waterways to pay for upkeep and protection." The state, at least, understands that users of public resources and facilities should pay for that use.

Neither South Carolina residents nor those from out of state will avoid hunting or fishing in this state because of the increase in license fees. Nor do people avoid going to the beach because of parking fees. And many drivers use the Cross Island Parkway despite its toll.

Get over it. If you can afford a private plane, you can afford $10 to land it.

Anastasia Schwarz

Hilton Head Island