Letters to the Editor

Just replacing Obama won't solve our problems

If you believe dumping President Barack Obama is going to solve part or all of our problems, I am afraid you are sadly mistaken.

To blame all of our problems on just one man is simply political trickery. I would hate to get up each morning and try to solve the problems of Wall Street, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya; Palestine's membership in the United Nations; the economic effects of decisions made in China, Europe and Japan; job recovery; the Middle East; drug smuggling; illegal immigration; health care for the poor; air taxation; nuclear proliferation; and balancing the budget, all in the face of a constant attack to undermine efforts to do something. That's what we demand of Obama.

No, I am afraid dumping Obama will not solve any of those problems. It will just be an exercise in anger and frustration. Yes, our problems seem unsolvable. The Republicans and Democrats must stop this constant wrangling over unimportant issues and get down to the business of doing the job they are paid to do, just like any employed person in our society. Most of us do not -- or did not -- go to work to spend the day fighting with our boss.

Put the country first and then party. If this insane behavior isn't changed, we will have the devil to pay.

Bob Faust

Hilton Head Island