Letters to the Editor

Hilton Head airport gives poor first impression

Like many people, I take pride in Hilton Head Island.

On a recent visit to the Hilton Head Island Airport terminal to drop off a passenger, I could not believe the entrance condition.

The front entrance to our airport is totally overgrown with vegetation and neglected. You can hardly see the airport entrance sign because of vegetation. The entire terminal area is overgrown and all the palm trees need trimming.

The recent proposal to charge passengers an extra $4.50 on top of already expensive tickets -- when we can't even keep the grass cut -- is a poor one.

We have two gateways to Hilton Head, the J. Wilton Graves Bridge and the Hilton Head Island Airport. The airport entrance landscape should have flowers and look inviting as if you were coming to a special place.

If the airport is going to be self-sustaining, the runway needs to be longer. The airport then will to be taken off insurance companies' no-fly list because of the current runway length.

But the first step is to clean up the airport entrance and show some pride. I would be willing to help.

Ned Nielsen

Windmill Harbour