Letters to the Editor

SC 170 highway stepchild when it comes to upkeep

Since S.C. 170 northbound has been designated as a mandatory evacuation route for Sun City Hilton Head residents in the event of a hurricane, I wonder if the powers-that-be who made that decision were fully aware of some of the potential hazards.

This stretch of road between Bluffton Parkway and U.S. 278 has dozens of huge trees whose heavy branches hang well over the roadway. With any degree of high wind factoring into the equation, any one of these branches could potentially block all traffic heading north on this poorly paved, narrow-shouldered road.

I can't help but wonder why this stretch of heavily traveled road is continually ignored. I noticed recently that a two-mile portion of Bluffton Parkway, a relatively new road, was resurfaced. I never saw any excessive wear or potholes in that roadway, while S.C. 170 is allowed to deteriorate. Where are the priorities of the state Department of Transportation? The proposed widening of S.C.170 by Sun City has constantly been delayed, while other roads, mostly north of the Broad River get the federal dollars. Sounds like "politics at work" to me.

Bob Alberti

Sun City Hilton Head