Letters to the Editor

Academy's SAT scores buck national trends

We are thrilled to inform our community that despite the national trend of declining SAT scores, Beaufort Academy students' scores have risen for the fifth consecutive year. We are incredibly proud of the class of 2011, whose average score was 1,784, and equally impressed with our graduates continuing ability to raise the bar. All our students take the nationally administered SAT and for 2011 scored 284 points higher than the national average of 1,500.

According to the College Board, 43 percent of 2011 college-bound seniors met the SAT college and career readiness benchmark score of 1,550. Of Beaufort Academny graduates, 94 percent met or exceeded the benchmark score, which indicates a 65 percent likelihood of achieving a B average or higher during the first year of college. This in turn is indicative of a high likelihood of college success and completion.

In addition to a high average, senior Chris Huckabee scored a perfect 800 on the math portion of the exam.

Every year we are very proud of the SAT results of our students. This is accomplished by focusing on our core values of integrity, intellect, leadership, pride and respect and by providing a rigorous and academically challenging program. For almost 50 years, we have stayed true to this mission -- to help all students reach their highest potential and move on to the college of their choice.

Julie Corner

Interim Head of School

Beaufort Academy