Letters to the Editor

Egret's killing reminds to respect our resources

On a recent Sunday morning, I was driving on South Forest Beach Drive heading toward Coligny Circle when I noticed just ahead of me a couple of cars slowing to a stop right before the circle to allow a stately white egret to cross the road.

I smiled to myself thinking how nice it was that these drivers cared enough for this bird with the long elegant neck and spindly legs to show it such respect. As I drove into the circle, I glanced back into my rearview mirror and saw, to my horror, a white pickup or large sport utility vehicle run over and kill the egret without braking before or slowing afterward.

It happened so fast that I didn't see the license plate clearly enough to read it or even to tell which state it was from. I circled back to see the white bird in the road obviously dead and looking like a broken marionette.

This incident was a strong reminder to me to try harder to respect the local wildlife and to appreciate more the natural beauty of Hilton Head Island -- two assets that brought me to the island in the first place.

Rob Grunska

Hilton Head Island