Letters to the Editor

Stop saying 'no,' start saying 'yes' to solutions

"No" on the debt ceiling, "no" to taxes, "no" to health care, "no" to Social Security. The list goes on and on. Yet these same "no" people want good schools, good roads and their Social Security benefits. They say we are leaving a mound of debt to our children, as if they really care about them. Yet they don't care whether there is health care for millions of our children. They want everything they have but don't want taxes raised. Stop saying "no" and offering rhetoric that sounds good but is only said to get re-elected.

Also, I ask them to please keep their religion and beliefs out of my living room. I believe in God and one nation under God. But there is a reason for separation of church and state, and it is in the Constitution they all so much like to misquote. It keeps this country a democracy.

I don't care whether they believe in Bible stories about Adam and Eve, or if they submit to their husbands or have three wives. I don't want talking points. I want to know how they are going to get gas down to $1.98 a gallon again, lower the 11 percent unemployment in South Carolina when we don't sit on 10 trillion gallons of oil or gas, and take care of our elderly and sick without a health care program or raising taxes.

Stop saying "no" and stop holding up mean-spirited signs. It's ugly, and remember, God doesn't like ugly.

Sylvio Maestro

Hilton Head Island