Letters to the Editor

One person's litter is another's pain in the butt

There is a subject that I've been meaning to address for some time now: Discarding cigarette butts on the lawns of one's neighbors.

What to do? What to do? Possibly many smokers (while taking a healthy stroll through the neighborhood and enjoying a Marlboro or whatever) simply toss the butt wherever because ... well, they have always done this, presumably without even pondering the ramifications.

Then again, some may have the sense that it's OK for one of two reasons: "Hey, I really don't care." Or, "Gosh, where can I get rid of this? What do I do? Carry it with me until I find a receptacle or all the way home? It's so inconvenient to wait, so my neighbor shouldn't mind picking it up. Besides he (or she) might find butts attractive in the yard; and I might add that they are biodegradable ... Well, part of it anyway."

I have a sneaking suspicion that the smoker's yard is not littered with his own butts, possibly a few from a fellow puffer. I'm only asking that one be more resourceful in taking care of one's own litter and act as a responsible citizen (read adult). This might also apply to those who empty ashtrays anywhere. The same with used plastic flossers. (Why?)

Of course, those who toss bags of trash by the side of the road are in a class by themselves; I think it's called porcine (read swine).

Bill Smith

Sun City Hilton Head