Letters to the Editor

Take a closer look at numbers, promises

When does being "disingenuous" cross over into becoming a "lie"?

Recently, we were told that the economy created a net 18,000 new jobs in June 2011. To arrive at that net increase, it was assumed that 131,000 new jobs were created from newly formed companies that might not even exist.

To make matters worse, the administration also took steps to limit the growth in the number of unemployed from 9.1 percent to just 9.2 percent by lowering the number of jobs available in the U.S. Corrections for such "errors" are frequently made, but after the fact, and they never get the same media coverage as the original incorrect story does.

Weren't we told that Obamacare (as per Rep. Nancy Pelosi) was going to immediately create 400,000 new jobs? We were going to get all those "green jobs." Pass the stimulus and unemployment would top out at 8 percent. If you have the time, Google "Obama and disingenuous." You will have enough reading to fill up the rest of your year. I think you might agree that a few too many times lies were told. Enough already.

I didn't think it would be possible, but maybe the Democratic Party does need a presidential primary after all.

Kudos to "The Campaign Spot" at the National Review online for bringing this unemployment data to our attention.

Richard Geraghty

Hilton Head Island