Letters to the Editor

Don't turn anthem into 'star-mangled banner'

For quite some time, there has been a trend for divas to try to personalize their renditions of "The Star Spangled Banner."

During the past year, two notables have publicly embarrassed themselves by messing up the lyrics, all the while sounding like they were trying to yodel or gargle the signature number.

Our national anthem is not a popular number to be over-stylized by every Tom, Dick and Mary. It should reflect the power, dignity and majesty of a powerful nation with a rich history. That said, it should be belted out with precision, power and steady voice control that projects what I just said about power, dignity and majesty.

You just don't trivialize it by casually lurching through the lyrics as if you were half-plastered. At the end of any rendition the standing public should be left with goosebumps on their arms, hearts pounding and perhaps a tear welling up in their eyes. The song should leave us with bursting pride, not muffled laughter.

Marvin L. Melsha Jr.