Letters to the Editor

Bluffton can deliver good news for river

It is very exciting to see the town of Bluffton embracing bold changes to save the May River with a proactive approach to a transfer of development rights.

Bluffton is lucky to have friends like Dr. Fred Holland, and even luckier to have elected officials who appear prepared to act on Holland's scientific findings to protect our precious May River.

Bluffton has long been defined by the May River and everything that comes with our one-of-a-kind waterway. We are living proof of what Holland and his colleagues have been studying closely for years -- water quality in a Lowcountry tidal creek goes downhill when the amount of roads and rooftops all around it reach a certain level. Long-time residents of Bluffton don't need impervious maps to tell them that roads and rooftops have reached that level; you can feel the immensity of the change all around you.

It is so encouraging to hear not just bad news about the May, but the good news that we can stop the pollution from increasing without getting in the way of our town's equally exciting growth. I know it won't be easy; if it were, we would have done it already. I am excited to see the transfer of development rights getting the attention it deserves and am looking forward to seeing their prominent inclusion in the May River Action Plan.

Linda Palmer